Expert medical annotation

Western-European medical specialists

Finding the right people to perform high-demanding medical annotations is a burden. Let us be your partner. Our teams consist of European-based and certified clinicians. Our clinicians are active in hospitals and private clinics in the North West Europe (primarily the Netherlands), keeping them up to date with the latest medical standards. Hence, we can provide an unmatched quality level to our clients. On your request these clinician teams can be expanded with clinicians in training and medical students, while always working under supervision of a certified clinician.

No annotation project is the same

We understand that no annotation project is the same. Together with one of our subspecialty trained clinicians and project managers we will define your annotation goals. Looking for a flexible team? Want to switch annotation platform during the project? In need of extra feedback loops? We customize our approach to your needs.

Annotation project overview

Name it and our clinicians can annotate it

Fractures on X-rays, bone tumors on CT, vascular occlusions on angiograms, calcifications on mammogram, liver lesions on ultrasound, valvular heart disease on echocardiography, intracranial tumors on MRI, patient transcriptions, clinical notes… you name it and our clinicians can annotate it.

Increase the level of quality

Often annotated datasets require a pair of eyes to increase the level of quality. Let our subspecialty trained clinicians rigorously comb through your annotations, correct mistakes and reach double read agreements on every single case. All according to current medical standards and your annotation protocol.

Our expertise shows in every detail

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