AI validation & implementation

Connecting AI developers with hospitals​

Quantitas Solutions’ core business in its early days was providing high-quality medical data and annotations. Many of our clients were also interested in being connected with hospitals. Due to our big annotation teams and extensive network of hospitals, we found ourselves perfectly positioned as a trusted party for both sides of the spectrum. As such, we are able to introduce AI developers to hospitals looking to implement AI in their workflow. This is why we decided to expand Quantitas Solutions with this line of service. It perfectly enhances our vision to drive innovation within healthcare.

For AI developers:

Schedule a call and introduce us to the system that you’ve developed. e Becuase of our extensive network of in-house clinicians, hospitals and clinics, we can find the right partner to test and implement your system.

For hospitals:

In a market where many AI solutions are being developed, we understand that it is hard to assess what tool fits your needs best. We gained a lot of market insights from medical AI tools. We are able to guide you in this promising industry. Schedule a call with one of our medical advisors to discuss the possibilities.