About us


Quantitas Solutions believes in the important role artificial intelligence can play in improving healthcare and patient care. Applying AI in medical imaging reduces the detection time, offers a more precise diagnosis and uses predictive techniques to auto-diagnose. One of the founders and Chief Medical Officer Roderick Holewijn MD, PhD was working closely within the AI medical imaging industry and realized the two biggest problems in today’s AI market: the lack of high-quality raw medical data and the lack of high-quality annotations performed by skilled clinicians. Quantitas Solutions strives to tackle these problems.​


Quantitas Solutions was founded in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 2021 by Dutch medical doctors. We envision a healthcare system where fully optimized artificial intelligence solutions support clinicians in their daily work. The accuracy of an AI solution is significantly impacted by the quality of the data used during its development. To reach the maximum clinical and market value, the use of medical expertise is vital. Quantitas Solutions has been founded to bridge the gap between the healthcare sector and the development of artificial intelligence solutions. We achieve this by providing high-quality annotation projects and raw medical image data. By working solely with European based clinicians, we can deliver a level of quality that is unmatched in the medical annotation industry. Together, we will drive innovation in the healthcare sector


Roderick Holewijn, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Lucas Zielstra

Business Development Manager

Arno Bisschop, MD, PhD, MSc

Strategic Corporate Advisor

Alexander Bijnsdorp, MD

Project manager

Wiebe Zwaan, LLM

Legal Counsel

Mariya Rubens, MD​

Business Development Manager (DACH)​

Erik Ranschaert, MD, PhD​

Senior Strategic Advisor​

Walco van Loon

Chief Technology Officer

Medical Annotation Experts

Our talented clinicians and medical students trained to perform high quality annotations